Plagiarism Policy

Any fact of plagiarism is considered as unethical and unacceptable behavior. Author must ensure proper and accurate indication of the sources used in his/her article.

Submitted article, after checking its consistency with technical parameters, is being checked using the digital platform – Turnitin.

Based on Turnitin’s platform, a report is prepared, which encompasses information on the documents with which the resemblance is established in the article.

Considering that Turnitin only checks information available in the internet, it does not fully ensure finding other forms of plagiarism, for example: rephrased plagiarism, etc. Therefore, after checking it in Turnitin, the article is reviewed confidentially, in two-fold manner, according to the rules established by the “Law and World”.

Except checking the scientific quality of the article, a reviewer observes if there is a resemblance, in any form, with published works of other scholars on the same topic.

 In the event of detecting any form of plagiarism, the paper will be returned to the sender. In such cases, the editorial board reserves the right to reject the publication of any future papers submitted by this author to 'Globalization and Business.' Additionally, the board may choose to impose a publication ban on the author for a period of up to 3 years, depending on the severity of the violation.