Peer Review Process

In order to publish the article in the journal “Globalization and Business”, a confidential review from two reviewers is mandatory.

The editorial board selects reviewers from esteemed scientists affiliated with various universities worldwide, chosen based on their expertise and academic contributions, which align seamlessly with the content of the article.

Reviewers are kept unaware of the author's identity, and authors are not informed about the identities of potential reviewers.

In cases where a manuscript receives both positive and negative reviews, it will be forwarded to a third reviewer for assessment.

The peer review process typically lasts 15 days from submission; however, in exceptional cases, it may be extended for a reasonable period upon the reviewer's request.


1. Recommends publishing the manuscript in its current form (positive review).
2. Does not recommend publishing the manuscript (negative review).
3. Recommends publication after corrections.

A positive review is given if the reviewer assigns at least 70 points according to the evaluation form.

For evaluations between 50 and 70 points, the reviewer may provide either a negative review or recommend corrections with specific notes and instructions.

If the manuscript receives a rating below 50 points, the reviewer gives a negative review.

Authors are promptly notified of the decision in all three cases.

In case of comments and instructions provided by the reviewer, the editorial office invites the author to either consider the existing recommendations or justify their position. Upon approval, the author is expected to align the paper with the submitted recommendations within a maximum period of 2 months. The final review of the edited text is conducted by the same reviewer.

For recommendatory reviews or notes, confirmation of the changes made by each co-author is required.

If the author disagrees with the reviewer’s remarks, their reasoned position will be reviewed by the editorial board, which then decides whether to publish or reject the manuscript.

The decision to publish a manuscript rests with the editorial board and is typically based on two positive recommendations. Note that a positive decision from the editorial board does not guarantee publication, as the final determination remains at the discretion of the Editorial Board.